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The Dominator 3200 Pro. 4 wheel drive

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Motor: 3200w 4 x 800 watt brush motors.

Battery: 20ah 36v Lithium battery.

Tyre: Off road tyre 3.00-4.

Max speed: 42km/h.

Working Time per charge: up to 3 hours.

Distance per charge: up to 40km.

Loading capacity: 120km.

Weight: 31.4kg.

Charging time: 4-8 hours.

Changeable battery, slow/fast speed settings, auto turn off when not in use, wireless remote control with light, 5 bar led indicator for skateboards battery level, led speedometer and regenerative braking.

The Dominator 3200 Pro is a ideal street and off road board, its spring trucks and 10” tyre allow you powered carving.
Its high performance brushed motors enables high speeds in complete stability.

• Length : 112 cm.
• Width : 54 cm.
• Height : 25 cm.
• Wheel diameter : 26 cm.
• Wheel width : 9 cm.

• The logo is printed under the clear grip tape for a great adherence.
• Stainless steel screws: avoid seeing rust spots after a few months of use.
•Sealed motor, controller and battery pack, avoiding burning out the electronics in case of rain.

What comes with your board:
• Advanced hand control.
• USB Hand control charger.
• Board charger.
• Owners manual.
• Complete repair kit.
• 6 month manufactures warranty.

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